Welcome to the American Big Picture Learning Platform.

This fantastic new digital resource combines the best of formal and informal learning and is available to everyone who adopts American Big Picture. It will be regularly updated with new features and content and we are confident that it will be a hit with both students and teachers.

If you haven't decided yet on your course materials, click on the About tab to take your virtual tour and view sample course material. 

This is the Big Picture: have you experienced it yet?




The website is divided into three main sections:


About: Take a virtual tour, try out sample material and see why everyone is talking about this beautiful new course.

Teacher's Area: Download wordlists, transcripts, teaching tips, culture notes and CEF mapping documents. Link to the Richmond Vodcasts or The Picture Blog. Launch the VLE or Test Studio.

Student's Area: Keep up with Breaking News. Launch the VLE. Watch the Richmond Vodcasts, read The Picture Blog.


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