About American Big Picture

American Big Picture is our best-selling general English course for adults. Highly visual and beautifully designed across all six levels, it brings a whole new perspective to the language course book. The thought-provoking images are eye-catching AND meaningful and each one plays an important role in the learning process.

American Big Picture was written for teachers AND learners of English and recognises that learning should be fun. The strong images will appeal to all nationalities and learners will appreciate the variety of different text types and technologies. Dull exercises should soon be a thing of the past.

American Big Picture is digital. It seamlessly combines print and digital with a wealth of resources including this Learning Platform and the American Big Picture Digital Book.

American Big Picture is genuinely international. It is built around global topics and cultural material that will be immediately relevant to the lives and experiences of learners. It also recognises the diversity of spoken English today and includes a large variety of native and non native voices in all of its audio recordings.

American Big Picture also includes a fully integrated core vocabulary syllabus and extensive practice of the four main skills. It contains functional language pages to help learners improve their everyday conversation skills and “Bring it Together” sections that offer students a fun opportunity to practice their new-found knowledge in true American Big Picture style. 


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